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Constitution & Bylaws

Chautauqua County Hockey Association



President: Andy Wheelock

Vice President: Justin Giles

Treasurer: Tony Privitera

Secretary: Gary Shain

Statistics/Publicity: Justin Giles

Ice Scheduler: Jim Rozen


Bylaws and Constitution


- Index:

A1. Name

A2. Objectives

A3. Aims

A4. Membership

A5. Executive

A6. Meetings and Elections

1. General Meetings

2. Annual General Meeting

3. Special Closed Meeting


  - Bylaws:

A. Team Captains

B. League Composition

C. Registration

D. Team Regulations & Selections

E. Player Regulations

F. Referee Regulations

G. Timekeeper Regulation

H. Team Rep Regulations

I. Competition Regulations

J. Regular Season Format

K. Year End Tournament

L. Discipline

M. Protests and Appeals

N. Publicity & Public Relations

O. Draft Regulations

P. Affiliation

Q. Changes to Bylaws


- Cancellation Policy


- Playoff Rules 


- Appendices:


A. Appendix A: Penalties and Consequences

B. Appendix B: Appeals Procedure



A1. Name:


The name of this organization is the Chautauqua County Hockey Association also known

as the C.C.H.A.. In this constitution, and any attached by-laws, amendments, or

appendices the league will be identified as C.C.H.A.


A2. Objectives:


a) To promote, encourage and govern men’s/ women’s ice hockey within the boundaries

as set down by this constitution.

b) To protect the mutual interest of its members.

c) To carry out competition for league and tournament play.

d) To sponsor and promote such athletic, social and other activity as may be part of the


e) To keep all members informed of all aspects of the rules, regulations and league play

including schedules, ice facilities and dates/times of games.


A3. Aims:


a) To provide the opportunity for every person within the boundaries as set out in this

constitution, to play safe, organized hockey according to the rules and regulations.

b) To play fairly under all circumstances and not take unfair advantage of any opponents,

to win modestly and accept defeat gracefully, to give credit to the team that wins and not

to question or dispute referees decisions.

c) To co-operate and work with the ruling bodies of other organizations within the rules

and regulations of the league.


A4. Membership:


a) Membership shall be composed of only those players who have paid their annual

player membership dues to their team and or league and who have submitted their

Insurance forms by a date set by the Executive. Team membership shall be composed of

those players listed on a teams roster and shall be considered registered once the team

league fees have been collected as set out in the fee schedule of the C.C.H.A..

b) Registration can be done online or in person prior to the start of the season. All players must complete evaluation form, pay registration fee, and have valid Hockey insurance in order to be eligible to play in the season.



A5. Executive:


a) The Executive shall consist of five members (League President, League Vice

President, Ice Scheduler, Treasurer & Secretary)

b) Executive meetings shall be called by the League President or upon request of two or

more members of the executive.

c) The Executive shall meet at regular intervals with the Team Captains; these meetings

are demanded by the pressure of business to conduct the C.C.H.A..

d) Team Captains shall be responsible for the collection of all yearly player fees which

will be submitted to the League treasurer. Team Captains shall be responsible to insure

that each member of their team plays within the Sportsmanship Policy of the CCHA and

the boundaries as set down by this constitution. Team Captains shall be responsible to

report all team matters, suspensions etc., to the executive and to inform their players of

any pending suspension. Team Captains have the right to suspend any of their players

who are not adhering to the boundaries as set down by this constitution.

f) Team Captains and the C.C.H.A. executive have the right to refuse any individual

admittance or membership into the C.C.H.A. and may remove any individual if


g) Duties of the Executive shall be as follows:

League President:

a) Shall preside at all meetings of the CCHA.

Shall perform all duties as naturally fall within the boundaries of his/her office.

Shall create any committees as deemed necessary for the functioning of the League.

League Vice President:

a) Shall take on the responsibilities and obligations of the League President if and when

the time presents itself.

League Secretary:

Shall record the minutes of each meeting.


1. In addition to recording statistics and standings for each team and division, this person shall maintain the CCHA website while reporting each game result to the newspaper.

2. Shall notify the League President of any player suspended and shall bring forward

those league members who are adhering to the boundaries as set down by this



League Treasurer:

Collect all funds from the team captains and give a Treasurer’s report at each board meeting. Responsible for paying any outstanding debt once tabled and voted upon by the executive.

League Scheduler / Coordinator:

1. Shall contract, assign and keep records of the on and off-ice officials.

2. Shall oversee each division and assign division coordinators if needed. The

Coordinator will see to it that parity exists in each of our divisions.

Bylaws may be changed at executive meetings if enough people are present to form a

quorum. A quorum would consist of no less than 6 Team Captains,

(1) League President, (1) League Vice President, (1) Secretary and (1) Ice Scheduler &

(1) Treasurer. In order for a Bylaw amendment to be changed a 75% of the quorum

would have to vote in favor of the bylaw amendment.


A6. Meetings and Elections:


1. General Meeting

(a) All Team Captains of the C.C.H.A. will be notified of the time, date and place by the

Secretary, seven (7) calendar days in advance of the General Meeting.


(b) All members of C.C.H.A. shall have the right to forward any complaint and or

recommendation to their Team Captain and have their Team Captain present this on their

behalf at any league meeting. All Executive meetings are considered special closed and

only one representative from each team shall be permitted to attend. Such representative

shall have one voting right at the meeting.


(c) The League President shall see to it that discussions during the meetings are kept

orderly and that no members shall speak until granted permission by the chair.


(d) Motions shall be addressed to the chair and no motion shall be discussed or put to a

vote without a second being present to this motion.


(e) There shall be no further debate or discussion of a motion after the motion has been

put to a membership vote.

(f) When a vote is called, it may be taken by. . .

(1) a show of hands by the voting members only.

(2) a secret ballot by voting members only.

(3) a poll vote by voting members only.


(g) No amendments or alterations shall be made to any part of the Constitution and/or

By-Laws, except at the Annual General Meeting and only if enough members are present

to form a quorum.


(h) A notice of any proposed amendments or changes in the Constitution and/or By-Laws

must be filed with the Secretary of C.C.H.A. at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the

Annual General Meeting.


(i) Non executive members can attend the meeting on behalf of their team if they have

been appointed to do so by their Team Captain when that Captain is unable to attend.

Only one member per team shall be permitted at any meeting of the C.C.H.A. executive.


2. Annual General Meeting

(a) Shall be called by the League President between June 1st and July 31 of each year,

for the purpose of appointing a new executive board.


3. Special Closed Meeting

(a) Special Closed Meetings of C.C.H.A. may be called by the League President or shall

be called upon the written request of not less than ¾ of the Team Captains of the



Rules of Order at Special Closed Meetings:


(a) Check of those in attendance and whether a quorum has been established

(b) League President welcome address.

© Reading and Approval of the previous meeting minutes

(d) Discussion of Agenda

(e) Old Business

(f) Report of the Treasurer

(g) Report of the Secretary

(h) Reports of Standing Special Committees.

(i) New Business.

(j) Consideration of Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and/or amendments thereof.

(k) Meeting adjourned.




a. Team Captains

Each team shall designate a team captain, whose primary responsibility

shall be to work closely with the Competition Committee/ League Coordinator to assist

them in their goal of achieving reasonable team parity. Each team shall also

designate, for games and noted on score sheet, an on ice Captain who should converse with the referee as needed under USA Hockey rules. Each team is encouraged to have at least one Alternate Captain for the purpose of conversing with the referee as appropriate.


b. The C.C.H.A. shall be open to men & women, 18 years of age or older, who are willing to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner both on and off the ice. All members agree to refrain from using abusive and profane language towards other members and agree to play a gentlemen’s / ladies recreation brand of hockey. Players who do not conduct themselves in the above manner will be subject to suspension and or expulsion.


c. Under the terms of player registration no member is permitted to enter onto the

ice surface for any league game, exhibition and or tournament game without having

valid Hockey insurance coverage.


b. Teams shall be comprised of a maximum of 19 players including goaltenders. Team

Captains are required to pay for their teams league fees and provide a list of their

registered players to the League President by a predetermined date. Teams may not card

more than 19 members unless approved by the executive, which approval shall be solely

based on player injuries. Teams shall consist of Recreational Type Hockey Players (no active Professional, University Varsity or Semi-Pro Hockey Players) shall be permitted to play in the C.C.H.A. without League Executive approval. Team Captains are permitted to

forward a challenge to the League Executive on any player who they deem is considered

Pro, University Varsity or Semi-Pro.

e. Players shall be monitored for rough play and ejected from games in which they are

not adhering to the League’s fair play and gentlemen policy. A player who incurs (3) penalties in one game shall be ejected from that game. A player who is ejected

three (3) times in (1) one season shall receive a (3) three game suspension. Any player

incurring (14) fourteen penalty infractions in (1) one season shall receive a (1) one game

suspension. Any player incurring (18) eighteen penalty infractions in (1) one season shall

receive a (2) two game suspension. Any player incurring (22) Twenty-two penalty

infractions in one season shall be suspended for the remainder of that year and will be

required to be reinstated by the league executive by vote in order to play the following



f. Time Keepers are to write legibly on all game sheets, provide team captains with a

copy of the game sheet at the conclusion of each game. Team Captains are to inform their

players of pending suspensions where a major penalty, game misconduct, gross

misconduct or match penalty has been assessed. Team Captains are to provide the

League Secretary with copies of their team roster by a date specified by the Executive

board. Team captains are to print legible and to date every score sheet. Captains are responsible for players wearing the same jersey number for each game throughout the entire season including home and away jerseys. If any changes are made, captains must notify time keeper of player and jersey number prior to game time. No other (spare) player may wear an assigned jersey #.


g. All teams must compete in a sportsmanlike manner and adhere to all arena regulations

and policies as amended from time to time by the arena staff/management and or their



h. The regular Season shall consist of 18 games played weekly Monday through Sunday,

from September through March. Teams shall play divisional opponents through random

rotations of ice allocation in weekly blocks.


i. Playoffs will be a tournament style round robin using a point per period system.

The top two teams with the most points will compete in a winner take all

championship game. 


j. All League Suspensions shall be based on C.C.H.A. rules and regulations and Steele

Hall’s Policy and Regulations. The executive of the C.C.H.A. also hold the right to

suspend Teams, Team Captains and individual players that are deemed to be violating the

framework of this Constitution and or acting in a manner that violates any part of the

C.C.H.A. rules, regulations or arena policy.


k. Protest and Appeals may be heard from the League Executive provided that the

protestor has made the protest/appeal in writing and delivered it to a Member of the

C.C.H.A. executive.


l. The C.C.H.A. and its members agree to promote the Goodwill of the League through

out the community by participating in fund raisers deemed worthy by the League

Executive. The League executive shall from time to time bring together “community

minded purposes” to its members in efforts to promote good public relations and help

local events and charities.


m. Players are not permitted to move teams without League Executive Approval. Teams

may not sign a player playing on another C.C.H.A. roster without the League Executives

approval. The Executive Board and competition committee has the right to transfer players from a lower skilled team within a division to a higher skilled team within a division & visa versa at his sole discretion based on player skill level, ability and to support league balance.


n. Should any A league team not have enough players to field a team, the captain may call up players from B League. The opposing Captain as well as either the President or Vice President must be notified prior the game time.


o. B League teams do have the option to add a player mid-season. However, the new player will have 3 games in the B League as a tryout basis.  The three team captains who played against said player will then have an opportunity to vote on whether that player should stay in the B League or be placed on an A League team. 


p. The C.C.H.A. plays under the same rules as USA Hockey Association which rules are

amended from time to time. The C.C.H.A. also has imposed stricter rules on certain

infractions and suspensions that are of an aggressive nature and violate the items in this

constitution as described in Appendix “A” below.


q. Hockey Players should play in the division in which they belong, the C.C.H.A.

currently has two divisions: Open A & B. While B level players are permitted to play in the Open A Division, players on a set roster in Open A are not permitted to play down in the B Division.


r. If a B League team needs a substitute goalie, that team may only use a goalie from the approved B League substitute list appointed by the league & captains.  If no goalie is available, that team will then have to use a rostered player from their team as a substitute. 


s. In order to keep balance in each division, every player must complete a player evaluation form prior to the start of the season. Each team will then be given a power ranking as determined by the captains and executive board.


t. All changes to the C.C.H.A. bylaws shall be those as amended from time to time by the

C.C.H.A. executive.


Teams that cannot field a full roster (5 players and a goalie) for a game must send notice to the League President or Vice President. If the request is made at least 7 days before the game this game MAY be rescheduled based on available ice times or other teams volunteering to swap games. If that can’t be added to the schedule, the requesting team takes a forfeit. (Refs scorekeepers, and ice time won’t be paid unless the rink contract overrides this)

If the request is made within 6 days of the game, this is an automatic forfeit unless another team can swap games within that game day or weekend. (Refs, scorekeepers, and ice time will be paid)




  1. Tie-breaker rules are as follows:

1- Most points

2- Head to Head Wins

(If more than 2 teams are tied Head to Head will not be used)

3- Most wins

4- Least goals against

5- Most goals for


  1. Only CCHA registered players with at least 6 games played (or 40% of the schedule if there are any games that get cancelled) in the league are eligible for playoffs. Since games played are not tracked, captains must use honor system.

    1. If there is any player in question, the President & Vice President must be notified in order to determine eligibility.

    2. Violation of this rule will result in a forfeit


  1. Teams must use their rostered team goaltender for all playoff games.

    1. If there is injury or their goalie cannot make a playoff game:

  • Team Captain must secure a goaltender from another CCHA League Team. (For B league - must be in B League.  A League may Choose from either division)

  • For any goalie used that is not on the roster, the captain must notify the opposing captain and President or Vice President for approval prior to the start of the game.

  • Violation of this rule will result in a forfeit


  1. Playoff Game Rules:

  2. Regular season rules will still apply for any penalty infractions

    1. One time out per team per game

    2. 3 minute warm up

    3. 3 (12) minute periods

    4. No curfew

    5. In the event of a tie:

    6. 5 minute OT game- first goal wins. If still tied it’ll go to a shoot out


  1. Shoot Out Rules:

    1. First Round – Each team will select 5 players to participate. The higher seed team will determine which team shoots first. Team with the most goals after the first round wins the game.

    2. Second Round – In the event of a tie after the first round, sudden death rules will apply. The game will end when one team scores and stops the opposing team from scoring.  Each team must select one player to shoot until they have used every player on the roster. Once each player has shot one time, the order will start over.


APPENDIX A: Penalties and Consequences


Any player incurring three infractions in one game shall receive a game ejection.

Any player incurring three game ejections in one year shall receive a 3 game suspension.


Any player receiving a major penalty shall be suspended for a minimum of 1 game to a

maximum of life time suspension based on the league policies and rules and regulations.

A major for intentional body checking shall incur a min. of a three (3 game suspension)

Any player incurring 14 infractions in one season shall receive a one game suspension.

Any player incurring 18 infractions in one season shall receive a two game suspension.

Any player incurring 22 infractions in one season shall be suspended for the remainder of

the year and the tournament and will not be able to return to the CCHA unless approved

by the League executive.


Any player receiving a match penalty shall be suspended for a minimum of 6 games to a

maximum of life time suspension.


If a player receives a game suspension, that game suspension is to be served the next game.  If that suspension is not served, said player will receive a 2nd game suspension and the Team Captain will serve a game suspension as well.  It is the team Captains responsibility to assure the league that rules will be followed.


Fighting will not be tolerated by the C.C.H.A. (ZERO TOLERANCE). If a fighting major is issued in a game, the head official will review with both on ice officials to determine legitimacy of the infraction.  The head official will then give his recommendation to the CCHA Board and review with both captains of the teams involved.

If the fighting major is confirmed, player or players involved shall receive a one year suspension. If the suspended participant would like to play for the C.C.H.A. in the following

season, he or she may come in front of the executive and explain why he or she would like to play for the C.C.H.A.


All infractions shall be those identified by the official rule book of USA Hockey and the



In the C.C.H.A. a minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who applies his stick to the

waist or below the shoulder of an opponent.

In the C.C.H.A. a double minor penalty shall be assessed where a player applies his stick

above the shoulder of an opponent and no injury occurs.

In the C.C.H.A. a major and/or match penalty (at the referee’s discretion) shall be

assessed to a player when that player applies his stick to an opponent and an injury



Appendix B: Appeals Procedure


All appeals/protests must be made in writing and delivered to a league executive within 72 hours of incident. The appeal will be reviewed by the League President and the Executive Committee along with 3 appointed captains shall be called into a meeting no later than 7 days of the written appeal/protest.

The C.C.H.A. Appeals Committee shall consist of (3) three appointed Team Captains the

League President and the Executive. The Team Captains must be appointed by a majority

vote of the league executive during a league executive meeting.




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